Year 12 ~ my Frensham experience...

The Iris, Frensham’s school emblem, was chosen for its beauty, strength and variety, perfect symmetry, hardiness and ability to flourish in all conditions. It is to that end that Frensham aspires.

Frensham is a pre-eminent Australian educational environment founded on Christian principles, renowned for its unique combination of values focusing on:
• emotional and physical health and happiness 
• unselfish pursuit of excellence 
• individual growth 
• service to others 
• broad experience 
• innovative and adaptive approaches

Frensham’s values and educational ethos are based on the philosophical position that our moral purpose in life is to develop our talents and use them for the common good – to make a contribution to the world. This ethos is embedded in the School’s daily life. 

Within this values framework, Frensham offers a rigorous academic programme focusing on a core of challenging and stimulating subject choices. Each student’s academic needs are assessed on entry and are monitored closely to keep her on track to achieve her full academic potential. Progress and achievement are regularly reviewed, with accelerated or additional studies programmed according to individual need.

Frensham’s facilities are world-class and include a modern science and technology centre, superb performing and visual arts facilities and extensive games fields, together with a gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. The facilities incorporate the pre-eminent Sturt design centre. Beautiful and extensive grounds create a peaceful, special place that uplifts and inspires. Playing fields, gardens, jogging tracks and bush areas accommodate active or reflective outdoor pursuits.

Frensham is a small school where each girl is known. One of the key benefits of this is the time taken to support each girl’s growth on an individual, personal basis. With staff working as a team, we take a deeply considered view of each student. 

The school climate is positive, with each girl responsible for contributing to its quality. Our size makes it imperative that all contribute to our instrumental ensembles, choral and drama groups, debating, equestrian and sporting teams as broadly as possible. Frensham girls shoulder this challenge enthusiastically and skilfully.

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1. Introduction 1. Introduction (75 KB)

2. Personalised Learning 2. Personalised Learning (69 KB)

3. Boarding at Frensham 3. Boarding at Frensham (94 KB)

4. Jamieson Programme 4. Jamieson Programme (110 KB)

5. Sturt Campus - from STEM to STEAM 5. Sturt Campus - from STEM to STEAM (117 KB)

6. Sport and Physical Fitness 6. Sport and Physical Fitness (47 KB)

7. Teachers and Professional Learning 7. Teachers and Professional Learning (116 KB)

8. Tertiary Pathways 8. Tertiary Pathways (73 KB)

As a boarding school, Frensham offers options of full boarding, weekly boarding and day boarding. Day boarders are integrated into the House system, and participate fully in weekend school activities. 

The richness of Frensham life provides girls with the environment in which both emotional and intellectual maturity can develop, combined with the skills, confidence and academic discipline to excel in their further studies. Frensham’s success is well measured by the confident way that girls carry themselves beyond school to make a positive contribution to the wider world.