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Frensham 'Girls Only' Boarding Snapshot

 Frensham Boarding Snapshot

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Frensham ~ Girls Only Boarding SnapshotAnswer these questions...
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Year 12 Comments about Frensham Food

The food's always tasty, but I love it when they go to an extra effort to make it gourmet every so often. The chicken we have wrapped in cheese and bacon is serious restaurant quality.

I don't think it could feasibly get much better. The new chef is amazing!

Sometimes the food is better than my mum’s food.

The food is ‘delish’.

I love how much variety we get. Every night it's something different...

The food at the moment is the best it's ever been. The cooks are so kind and it is evident that they do all they can to ensure that we are healthy

The food looks amazing and tastes just as good as it looks.

From a day-girl's point of view we are very lucky / 'spoilt' with the amount and choice of food we get to eat on a daily basis. Some days food may be better than other days but that’s life (You can't get what you want all the time)